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nybillion - handcrafted, raw music from Berlin.


nybillion was founded in August 2010 by the two guitarists Mike and Mark.



2011 Detlef 'Big D' joined the band and with his instrument, the blues harp, he expanded the musical spectrum.


During a stay of the trio in N.Y. the band name was originated - "nybillion".

An acronym from N.Y. and 'billion' - nybillion.
[May 2011]


Until the end of 2011 nybillion played as a cover band in small venues. The band's unmistakable style was already apparent in the cover version of 'Mad World' [Tears for Fears, 1983].


In 2012 the own songwriting started with 'She Was Young'. Tino and Mark wrote titles like 'She Was Young' in a short sequence: Whiskey in the Mornin, Battered ol' Steel, Golden Hero and Empty Talk. 


The debut album 'HOMELAND' was released in 2016.


nybillion will certainly continue to present interesting and surprising songs in the future - so stay tuned.

nybillion - handgemachte, ehrliche Musik aus Berlin.


Die Gründung von nybillion geht auf den Zusammenschluss der beiden Gitarristen Micha und Mark im August 2010 zurück.


2011 erweiterte Detlef 'Big D' mit seiner Blues Harp das musikalische Spektrum der Band.



Während eines Aufenthaltes des Trios in N.Y. ist der Bandname nybillion [nei.billion] entstanden. Ein Akronym aus N.Y. und Billion – nybillion.

[Mai 2011]


Bis Ende 2011 spielte nybillion als Cover-Band in kleinen Locations. Der unverwechselbare Stil der Band zeigte sich bereits in der Cover-Version von 'Mad World' [Tears for Fears, 1983].


2012 began mit 'She Was Young' das eigene Songwriting. In kurzer Folge schreiben Tino und Mark Titel wie: Whiskey in the Mornin, Battered ol‘ Steel, Golden Hero und Empty Talk.


2016 erschien das Debüt-Album 'HOMELAND'.


nybillion wird sicherlich auch zukünftig interessante und überraschende Songs präsentieren.